Kate Dodson, a full build and Fibretrack client
Kate Dodson, a full build and Fibretrack client
03/06/2016 09:09:35

Many thanks for all your help; in terms of feedback for the company, you did a brilliant job speaking to us at Royal Windsor, although we were in the market for an arena, we didn’t think we could afford your offering but you were very helpful and professional, educating us about the surfaces and following up promptly and regularly.  We certainly hadn't gone to the show expecting to make any progress, we’d gone to watch the FEI Land Rover Grand Prix Driving!

David was very helpful and by providing a thorough specification and surveying our site he persuaded us that we were getting something extra for the money.  I was loath to spend such a lot more but he was convinced by the information provided and speaking to David that it would be worthwhile and top notch.

The guys were great, I told Phil I would miss them!  Normally you can’t wait to get people off the site and his attention to detail was phenomenal.  When we measured to put our letters on for dressage, it was absolutely spot on.  The consideration for our land and facilities was of the highest order and we are amazed how little mess there is considering the time of year and ground conditions.

The surface is excellent, the horses are happy to work on it and winter has taken on a different complexion from the usual mud, muck and no fun!  It’s great to drive on, Bobby loves the cones and obstacles.  For riding, lungeing and ground work it is fantastic.

We are delighted and even more than we expected to be.  Thank you very much for doing a super job, we would be very happy to recommend you and look forward to years of fun with it.

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