Activ-track performs in coldest conditions
Activ-track performs in coldest conditions
23/01/2014 03:23:52

Riding arena owner, Gail Duffus, is impressed with the Activ-track horse riding surface performance in cold weather.

I have to say that so far, I have been absolutely delighted with the Activ-track horse riding surface.

We had temperatures of -10 degrees in December and it did not freeze. Whilst all my friends' schools have been brick hard, I have been able to use mine. I was involved a number of years ago with a surface refurbishment for a friend. We used a non-waxed surface from another supplier.

This school is a few hundred metres away from mine and her surface was totally solid and unrideable in the cold weather. All the horses that have been ridden in my arena appear to like the "going", and my friends (who all have their own arenas) have been genuinely impressed.

Whilst riding arena costs are always important, it is also crucial in this day and age to know who you are dealing with, particularly in relation to the contractors' financial standing when large instalment payments are part of the contract conditions.

I ran a credit check on all the Companies I received quotes from.  I have to say that at that time, MCE was the only one (by far!) whose credit rating gave me confidence to part with large chunks of money at a time. 

Gail Duffus,  Winter 2012

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