Activ-track gets thumbs up from Finlay
Activ-track gets thumbs up from Finlay
23/01/2014 03:14:52

60 x 20 manege owner, Finlay Scott, explains why he chose Activ-track for his manege surface despite slightly higher riding arena costs

We built our 60 x 20 manege in Spring 2010.

Our approach to any project is that we only want to do the work once and, consequently, it is better to make the necessary up front investment, even if that means additional initial, in this case, riding arena costs. We spent a long time researching horse footings and chose Martin Collins because Activ-Track is an exceptional menage surface and, although not cheap, offers excellent value for money in the long run. 

After nine months we are convinced we made the right choice. We rode every day during the long dry spell in the summer – not having to water was a blessing; and we have ridden on this horse footing whenever we want to during the winter, come rain or shine – except when there were nine inches of snow!

Activ-Track is virtually zero maintenance; and the horses love the feel of the surface - it seems to give them added confidence, particularly our youngsters who have just been backed. 

Dealing with Martin Collins was stress free – our contacts there were unfailingly helpful.’

Finlay Scott

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