Martin Collins Headline Testimonials

Andrew Nicholson chooses Ecotrack

03/05/2016 10:03:02

“I chose Ecotrack for my indoor school because it really works. It is hard wearing, and excellent for the horses for both jumping and Dressage”

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Barry Geraghty very impressed with new Martin Collins Surfaces at Jackdaws

22/01/2016 13:41:14

"I'm very impressed with the new Martin Collins surfaces at Jackdaws. They give a lovely feel and the horses really stretch out to give the best of themselves." 

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Riders and Commentators delighted with Olympia surface

31/12/2015 10:19:00

The Martin Collins Ecotrack arena surface installed at Olympia’s 2015 London International Horse Show received praise from riders and commentators alike.

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Jonjo O'Neill praises Martin Collins surfaces at Jackdaws

21/01/2016 13:54:00

"Martin Collins have done a great job with the new surfaces at Jackdaws, they allow me to work the horses precisely as I like to , regardless of the weather and to get the best out of every one from start to finish." 

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2012 Olympic gold medallist, Peter Charles, praises Fibretrack

03/05/2016 10:10:21

The Charles family were full of praise for the new Martin Collins arena surface at the Wales & West showground in April 2016

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Champion Jockey Richard Johnson approves Jackdaws Surface

21/01/2016 13:51:00

"Jonjo has built his career around doing everything possible to get the horses at Jackdaws to relax and develop to the best of their ability.  It's no surprise to see the new Martin Collins surfaces.  They will help them do the very best for their owners." 

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Equestrian Surface Type
Jan23Activ-track performs in coldest conditions - 23/01/2014 03:23:52

Riding arena owner, Gail Duffus, is impressed with the Activ-track horse riding surface performance in cold weather.
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Jan23Activ-track gets thumbs up from Finlay - 23/01/2014 03:14:52

60 x 20 manege owner, Finlay Scott, explains why he chose Activ-track for his manege surface despite slightly higher riding arena costs
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May25William Fox-Pitt - 25/05/2012 03:14:56

I am very fortunate to have a Martin Collins Activ-Track surface on my gallop
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May14Activ-Track - Benridge Riding Centre - 14/05/2012 12:46:44

"The indoor arena is admired by all, especially the surface, which makes us the envy of the District!" Christine Jessen, Benridge Riding Centre.
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May14Activ-Track - Deborah Hogg - 14/05/2012 12:42:49

"It's an excellent dust-free surface, which provides exceptional stability and energy return". Deborah Hogg, owner
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May14Activ-Track - Clive Halsall - 14/05/2012 02:18:46

British Dressage Accredited Coach Clive Halsall chose Activ-track as the new surface for his indoor arena at Walton Fold Farm, Lancashire, in 2011.
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May14Activ-Track - Nicola Malcolm - 14/05/2012 02:14:36

"We have just resurfaced our indoor school following a flood with Activ-Track supplied by Martin Collins. ... At the same time Martin Collins constructed an all-weather gallop for us..I would strongly recommend Martin Collins and Activ-Track to everyone as it has definitely been a worthwhile addition to our facilities".
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May14Activ-Track - Anne King - 14/05/2012 02:06:13

“Thank you, Alex, and your professional team for all the hard work before and during the laying of our arenas. They look amazing, and I can't wait to get my horses over to our new home on the Isle of Man. They will think they have gone to heaven when working on their new surfaces.”
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May14Jockey Club Estates Surface: VARIOUS - 14/05/2012 02:00:17

“Having worked with MCE over the last 20 years, I can honestly say that the performance, quality and durability of the products are unquestionable. You really do get good value for money.”
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May14Activ-Track - Fiona Hilton - 14/05/2012 01:56:35

“We are delighted with the surface and thank you so much - we had our first dressage competition today (6 Nov) and it rode absolutely beautifully - everyone was very complimentary. ..
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Polytrack Testimonial

Sarah Hosmer discusses the new racing surface from Martin Collins talking to Jonjo and Edward Gillespie OBE who acts as consultant to Jackdaws.

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