Fibretrack Plus is a waxed, blended silica sand and CLOPF® Fibre surface. It offers stability, root structure and energy return, is dust free and offers greater resistance to frost than an un-waxed surface. Made from high quality materials, Fibretrack Plus is a competitively priced coated surface suitable for private use, livery yards and riding schools.

Both Fibretrack and Fibretrack Plus surfaces are designed to provide maximum performance, stability and value for money – with the quality you expect from the world’s leading manufacturer and installer of synthetic surfaces.

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Benefits of Fibretrack Plus
  • Provides secure footing and energy return
  • Suitable for private, livery yard and riding school use
  • Light wax coating gives a dust free surface
  • Improved resistance to surface frost
  • CLOPF® Fibre provides ‘root structure’ and stability
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly recycled synthetic fibre

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