Complete Equestrian Complex design and build
Complete Equestrian Complex design and build

Martin Collins Enterprises can offer a complete design, plan, project mangement and full build of equestrian complexes.

Equibuild has over 15 years of expertise specialising in the design and construction of beautiful, bespoke equestrian projects from

  • Stables
  • Indoor Schools
  • Driveways, Roads and Parking
  • Fencing
  • Grooms Accommodation
  • Wash off boxes
  • Whether you prefer stylish American barns or a beautiful traditional stable block, our unique bespoke buildings are designed to our clients exact specification

Complete Plan and Design

Equibuild offers a full design and planning service, or they can work with their client's own architects


Equibuild are experienced in the construction of equine complexes, including the principal house and staff accommodation.



We ensure that ever item is fully operational, we will also provide a full skills transfer to your estate team.

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