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Whether you are looking at building a riding arena from scratch, or improving an existing horse arena, arena builders, the Martin Collins Group, can help.

  • Outdoor equine arenas, or maneges constructionequestrian arena builders

For building stand-alone outdoor equine arenas, or ménages, (maneges) please talk to the Martin Collins team.

   Despite being involved in arenas and arena footings at top venues across the world, our staff still have their ‘feet firmly on the ground’.   We are all approachable and experienced horse people who want you to achieve the best for you and your horses, whatever you do with them.

So, however large or small your project is, we can help - whether you are building a new ménage in for the first time, wanting to buy in the equine surface only; or are looking into how you can improve your existing riding surface.

Option 1 - Supply and install a riding arena


If you wish, Martin Collins Enterprises can supply and install your riding arena from start to finish. Getting the groundworks right is crucial.  A well-constructed arena, from the outset, is the key to producing a high performing, low maintenance and durable arena riding surface.

The supply and install process begins with a full site survey which will enable us to provide a detailed, fixed quotation for your new riding arena. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your proposed arena size and the choice of equestrian surface which best meets your needs.  It will also: 

  • check access to the proposed site and ground conditions
  • measure cross fall (slope)
  • consider banking, ditch and manege (menage) drainage requirements and any run-off issues
  • consider any construction and maintenance issues relating to entrances, trees and hedges.


UK site visits will usually be free of charge, subject to location and project scope. After the arena build is completed, Martin Collins provides free ongoing maintenance advice and telephone support. 


Option 2 - Surface supply-only


The Martin Collins team can also help and advise you, even if you:

  • simply want to buy in (just) the surface for your riding arena.  You can read about the different equestrian surfaces available from Martin Collins here; and also find out what other riders, across all disciplines, think of them.  See our Testimonials page.
  • Or, you would like to improve your existing riding surface.  If your existing surface is worn, riding deep, or under performing in wet or freezing conditions, you may be wanting to look into ways you could improve it.  In which case, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may NOT need to replace the entire equine surface.  Click here to read how you can transform or upgrade your existing riding surface

If you are thinking of building a ménage or outdoor arena, you might also like to take a look at our advice guides covering various aspects of the planning process.

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