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Polework takes you back to basics - tips from Zara Phillips
28/03/2013 02:23:06

2012 Olympic team silver medallist, Zara Phillips, who trains her horses at home on a Martin Collins Ecotrack riding surface, was featured in Horse & Hound magazine (8 November 2012) providing readers with some tips on how to use pole work exercises in training to improve on accuracy.

zara phillips training“Eventing is getting more and more technical at all levels and accuracy is key.  Poles are an invaluable aid for developing balance, adjustability, co-ordination and straightness.  I get the impression that not a lot of people use poles, or don’t use them as much as they could, maybe,”says Zara in the article, which covers:

  • Teaching horses to lower their head and neck
  • Using Canter poles to help with horses that rush
  • Encouraging straightness generally , and straight take-offs and landings
  • Building up confidence over a fence
  • Putting your approach line to the test

Zara Phillips’s Martin Collins Ecotrack riding surface was installed at Gatcombe Park in 2010.

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