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Fibretrack training track opens in Australia
17/07/2017 10:07:00

The Warrnambool Racing Club (WRC) in Victoria, Australia is delighted to announce the opening of a $1.2m state of the art 1600m Martin Collins FibreTrack training track.

It features upgraded drainage and a fully automated irrigation system and provides a first-class training facility for Warrnambool trainers all year round. Given the difficulty to maintain superior tracks in the wet winter or dry summer, the new Synthetic FibreTrack was manufactured and installed by Martin Collins Australia. Created to deliver a reliable and consistent galloping surface regardless of unfavourable weather conditions.

WRC Chief Executive Officer, Peter Downs said it is great to see the significant investment made by industry and government in the training facilities in Warrnambool.

“Our local trainers have had a lot of success recently and it is great to be able to support them by offering a state of the art training surface, which I hope will contribute to improving their results.” Downs said.

Since the installation users have conveyed very positive feedback about the condition and feel of the surface. Local trainer, Matthew Williams said he and his riders were very pleased with the track, having galloped on the surface for the first time since opening.

“We galloped six on it (the track) this morning and we are rapt with it,” Williams said.

“I couldn't be happier and it’s going to be a huge asset to the Warrnambool trainers, especially getting young horses going through the winter time. Now we’ve got a surface to gallop on 6 days of the week so we’re very pleased,”

“The Martin Collins FibreTrack is a beautiful surface. The horses gallop past, they get their toe into it and they’re flicking out a little divot which is what you want to see in a training track.” Williams said.

The FibreTrack Training Track is open Monday to Saturdays, 6 days a week and available to Warrnambool Trainers at no charge.


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