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A-Z Guide to Equestrian Surfaces – Part 4: T-Z
24/07/2014 09:53:32

4 of 4 of A-Z Guides to Equestrian Surfaces

T is for Turf

Well kept turf has historically been the ideal surface for training and equestrian competitions and the traditional footing for all equestrian sports. However, in situations where turf cannot be sustained, all weather surfaces for horses allow them to train and compete in different situations and weather conditions all month, every month.

U is for Upgrading your surface

Upgrading an existing surface is an economical way of enhancing an existing surface. It is not always essential and certainly not always within an individual’s budget to replace your surface. What you may be able to look at, instead, is an surface upgrade.

V is for Value

Martin Collins sets the winning standard in multi-discipline and competition surfaces and equine arenas both in the UK and internationally. We understand the value and importance of investing in an arena surface and will provide you with the quality and durability from the outset that will provide the best value long term investment.

We value and consider the needs of different horses at all levels and the different demands placed on arenas whether for competitions, clinics, domestic use or for riding instruction.

W is for Wax coated surfaces

The benefits of modern waxed equestrian surfaces are vital in providing you with a surface that will stand the test of time. A waxed surface is suitable for the demanding professional role in the equestrian world, it has been successfully installed for the racing fraternity, in lunge pens, RDA centres, show jumping, polo and dressage establishments. The advantages of wax coated surfaces are that:

  • they can be accurately manufactured by weight
  • no irrigation system is required
  • they provide a good secure footing – horses therefore perform more confidently
  • they are dust free
  • and are highly weather tolerant
Click here to read our article about the relative advantages of waxed and unwaxed surfaces.

X is for the X-factor

If you are looking for surfaces with the X-Factor, Martin Collins equestrian surfaces have a track record second to none. At Martin Collins we will work with you and analyse the factors which will determine the arena size and surface you need, including; frequency and intensity of use, the typical age, weight and size of the horses using the arena, which discipline(s) will be involved, the number of any competitions or clinics to be held each year. The result will be a world class X-factor surface tailored to your own particular requirements.

Y is for Yes

It is worth contacting Martin Collins for advice and information on equestrian surfaces. Every member of the Martin Collins team has first hand equine knowledge and they are all keen for you to maximise the potential of your horses and enjoyment from riding.

Z is for Zing

Many of the equine surfaces you find abroad lack the bounce and stability of a waxed surface, and without that, you can often undermine a horse's confidence. Show Jumpers would describe a 'dead' surface as one when you don't get a push off the floor. Leading British Showjumper,  Ben Maher, likes the 'zing' factor of his Martin Collins Ecotrack surface at home: "You can place a horse better, the ground is level, they get the same feeling over a jump and the horse can do a better job on it", he says.

Need expert advice?

Martin Collins Enterprises is the UK's top manufacturer and installer of equestrian surfaces, with a growing international operation. The business was founded by Martin Collins over 30 years ago. Its equestrian origins remain at the heart of the business today. All Martin Collins senior and client service staff have had first hand experience, either as amateur owner/riders or at professional competition level, so understand horses and their needs.

Contact us now if you need any advice on choosing the right equestrian surface for your needs, surface refurbishment or building a riding arena.

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