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A-Z Guide to Equestrian Surfaces – Part 3: O-S
22/07/2014 04:34:05

Part 3 of 4 of A-Z Guides to Equestrian Surfaces

O is for outdoor arena surfaces

There are different factors to take into consideration when planning a new outdoor arena or manege, we can supply and install your riding arena from start to finish. Getting the groundworks right and planning a well-constructed arena from the outset is the key to producing a high performing, low maintenance and durable outdoor arena riding surface.

P is for Polytrack

Polytrack is a wax-coated synthetic riding surface designed for the racing fraternity. It has been designed primarily as a horse racing surface and created using a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, ensuring that materials of the highest quality are used to produce a consistent final product. The surface has a root structure that mimics turf, allowing horses to work 'on top' of the surface, rather than into it.

Polytrack® differs from cambered horizontal systems which can cause huge variance in going. It provides a level vertical drainage system which is key to providing consistency and giving the horse the confidence to perform to its best.

Q is for Quality

It is so important to consider the quality of the arena surface when investing in either a new equestrian surface or even an upgrade.

The best quality equestrian synthetic surfaces will allow the horse to work to the best of its ability with the least risk of injury. A good quality surface is essential when you are riding and training horses at all levels.

R is for Refurbishing surfaces

It is always worth considering refurbishing or upgrading your exisiting arena surface as an option to investment in a new riding arena surface. If your existing equestrian surface is worn, riding deep, or under performing in wet or freezing conditions, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may be able to refurbish the surface. Experts, Like Martin Collins, should be happy to advise.

S is for Show jumping surfaces

It is vital to choose the right surface for your specific equestrian discipline. 

When show jumping, the rider must balance the need for the horse to go as fast as possible and turn tightly, while still leaving the poles in their cups. Top class show jumping surfaces are therefore designed to: be more "open" than a dressage surface to allow greater penetration of the hoof. You are looking for a surface which provides sufficient support to facilitate take off, as well as provide controlled shear on landing, to prevent jar.

Need expert advice?

Martin Collins Enterprises is the UK's top manufacturer and installer of equestrian surfaces, with a growing international operation. The business was founded by Martin Collins over 30 years ago. Its equestrian origins remain at the heart of the business today. All Martin Collins senior and client service staff have had first hand experience, either as amateur owner/riders or at professional competition level, so understand horses and their needs.

Contact us now if you need any advice on choosing the right equestrian surface for your needs, equestrian surface refurbishment or building a riding arena.


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