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A-Z Guide to Equestrian Surfaces – Part 2: H-N
22/07/2014 04:10:20

2 of 4 A-Z Guides to Equestrian Surfaces

H is for Horse arena surfaces

It is well worth consulting experts before embarking on building a new horse arena or refurbishing a ménage. They will be able to advise on the best equine surfaces to meet your arena needs.

I is for Indoor arena surfaces

A lot of thought and planning is essential when considering building an indoor arena. Again, it is worthwhile consulting a specialist equine construction company, like Equibuild. They can advise on the design, planning and build of equestrian centres complexes and facilities.

Contact Equibuild are specialists in handling full project management for indoor arena builds, including advice on any planning permissions required.

J is for Joints & surfaces

It is so important to avoid injury and to protect the joints of horses therefore careful consideration must be taken when choosing the equine surface that best suits your needs. You need to be looking for one which both provides secure footing and spring, allowing your horses to develop their paces and improve their way of going, in a safe environment, which will cushion the limbs.

The Martin Collins range of equestrian surfaces, for example, are designed to replicate good turf and reduce risk of joint injury

K is for Kickback

The Martin Collins’ mission is to provide an equestrian surface which replicates turf at its best, yet delivers consistent ‘going’, allowing you to train every day, all-year round, in all weather conditions and reduce the likely hood of kickback. Martin Collins' operating figures show consistency of performance, even in extremes of temperature and their horse racing surfaces minimise kickback.

L is for Lunge arenas

Lunging is an important training activity for most equestrian yards, and a lunge arena is a valuable addition to any yard or property, providing a facility to exercise and work your horses and an important area when breaking young horses.

M is for Maintenance of Arenas

Regular arena maintenance is essential and it is important that it is carried out correctly and on a regular basis. You will need to invest in the right equine arena maintenance equipment for your particular equestrian surface. It will need to be kept level, groomed and evenly compacted to reduce injury risk, ensure optimum performance, and extend life span.

N is for New or upgraded surfaces

If you have an existing equestrian arena it’s always worth considering an upgrade to your surface before deciding on a new surface, different factors, including weather conditions put pressure on arena surfaces, at Martin Collins we offer advice on the options available to you, whether it’s for a new or upgraded surface we can advise on your equestrian ménage surface requirements.

Need expert advice?

Martin Collins Enterprises is the UK's top manufacturer and installer of equestrian surfaces, with a growing international operation. The business was founded by Martin Collins over 30 years ago. Its equestrian origins remain at the heart of the business today. All Martin Collins senior and client service staff have had first hand experience, either as amateur owner/riders or at professional competition level, so understand horses and their needs.

Contact us now if you need any advice on choosing the right equestrian surface for your needs, surface refurbishment or building a riding arena.

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