Transform your existing riding surface
If your existing surface is worn, riding deep, or under performing in wet or freezing conditions, you may be wanting to review ways  to improve your surface. In which case, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may NOT need to replace the entire surface.
The new CLOPF solution for surface enhancement & refurbishment

If your existing surface is riding too deep, our CLOPF fibre additive may be an option for your surface improvement (subject to survey). 

The benefits of CLOPF surface enhancement

Conventional equestrrian surface materials have serious drawbacks, particularly when it comes to surface refurbishment:

  • Sand - can become either too loose or too compacted with varying weather conditions
  • Rubber - will deteriorate over time so that surfaces lose their spring


Our revolutionary CLOPF fibre is our recommended surface refurbishment solution for all-weather performance and durability because it:

  • Adds root structure to your existing surface, allowing horses to work on top of the surface
  • Improves stability in the surface to give rider and horse more confidence
  • Provides good drainage and perform in all weather conditions 


CLOPF supply services

We can supply:


A full CLOPF installation will typically include:    

  • Regrading and levelling the existing riding surface
  • Laying additional sand to a minimum compacted depth of 5"  (6" for lunge pens and training gallops)
  • Wetting the sand and evenly spreading the CLOPF fibre with an application of water
  • Finally blending in the CLOPF fibre and compacting the surface with a twin drum ride-on roller
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Improving wax coated surfaces


We also provide free advice regarding the refurbishment of aged or worn wax coated surfaces.  Timely surface refurbishment will ensure it retains its value and it will last a 'life time'. Options range from:

  • deep grooming, through to lifting the surface, re-waxing and blending with additional materials prior to re-laying

 The scope of surface enhancement works will depend upon:

  • The size of arena or gallop
  • Whether the separation layer is made of  'open graded tarmac' - here the entire surface can be easily lifted
  • Whether it is made of a non-woven geo-textile membrane - which should not be disturbed.  Instead the bottom 0.5" should remain in-situ.  
  • The components of the existing surface
  • The condition of the wax coating
  • The level of contamination within the surface
  • The surface's current and intended use 

Emily Hempsted sadly did not get the right advice when originally installing her 40m x 20m arena at her new livery yard and used builders' sand.  A year on, she found it totally inadequate:

"I was worried that the advice I would get from Martin Collins would consist of throwing the sand out and starting again but, desperate for a way forward, I bit the bullet and put in a call.  They were so reassuring.  I realised that Clopf was the only option to get the arena back on track.  If you've got the equipment, it's surprisingly easy."

Brookesby College refurbished their surface with the advice of Martin Collins.
Jane Walker refurbished her arena with a Martin Collins surface
Lorraine Bone refurbished her arena with a Martin Collins surface
After care is crucial

Proper maintenance and ‘grooming’ are key to the longevity of your surface.  So, after installation or surface enhancement, we help to ensure it continues to provide optimal performance, by:

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We're here to help

Despite being involved in equestrian arenas and riding surfaces at top venues across the world, Martin Collins’ staff still have their ‘feet firmly on the ground’. We are all approachable and experienced horse people who want you to achieve the best for you and your horses, whatever you do with them.

Whether you are:

  • looking to improve, enhance or refurbish your current equestrian rubber, sand or other surface, or
  • are confused by all the different types available on the market today

Why not call 01488-71100 or contact us now to request surface samples or for some initial, informal advice.

Following a telephone consultation, an initial site visit can be arranged if required. UK site visits will be free of charge* 

*(subject to project scope and location)

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