Winning Polo Surfaces and Outdoor Arenas
Winning Polo Surfaces and Outdoor Arenas

Martin Collins sets the winning standard in polo surfaces and arenas, from low to high goal, both in the UK and internationally.  We understand the needs of the ponies during stick and ball/club chukkas or during a tournament.  


Polo at Royal Windsor on the Martin Collins SurfaceWe understand that, in polo, a surface must balance the need for the ponies to go fast and turn tightly, with the need for the ball to run as smoothly as possible. Our Ecotrack polo surface has therefore been designed to:

  • Be more tightly packed so that the ball can run,
  • Whilst still provide a cushioning effect which is sympathetic to the horse on a tight turn
  • Withstand the British Winter to facilitate off-season training and arena polo matches or tournaments
  • Durable Surface form Martin Collins

    Martin Collins arenas are precision-installed.

  • Our surfaces are individually blended for your requirements and geographic location.
  • With correct maintenance, we fully expect our surfaces to perform consistently for many years.  Some of our customers with heavy-use surfaces are still getting great performance more than 15 years after installation.
  • We know how:

  • tough polo can be on your ponies’ joints
  • important your training canter and arena surface is to keeping your ponies sound and fit. 
  • So, our surfaces are designed to optimise performance by supporting the limb and hoof on the turn.

    Identifying your polo surface & arena need

    Various factors will determine the outdoor arena size and surface you need including:

    • Polo SurfacesWhen it will be used
    • Frequency of use and
    • The goal level of your matches and tournaments
    • Whether you require spectator facilities

    The typical minimum size for a surfaced polo pitch is 50m x 100m arena.  

    For more about the different surface solutions provided by Martin Collins for polo arenas, visit our Ecotrack and CLOPF pages.  You might be surprised to know that our specialist CLOPF fibres when blended into the seed bed, will significantly improve the durability of  turf  for stick and ball, the pitch or for fitness canters.  Please contact us for more information.  

    Polo clients who trust us

    Martin Collins Enterprises is delighted to sponsor the Guards Polo Club

    Flemish Farm uses Ecotrack for the exercise canter track surface.


    The big tournament for the season is the Cartier Queens Cup Final on 16/06/2013


    Or read other testimonials

    Hugh Daly, MD of Equibuild managed the construction of a 100 x 50 Polo arena in Poland with a Martin Collins surface

    "Mr Daly  showed great commitment and professionalism, and solved any problems occurring at the time of the investment in a rational and determined way. Our project was conducted and finished according to schedule."

    Or read other testimonials

    Simon Arber - Four Quaters Polo, Winkfield (October 2010):

    "Our old surface was still pretty good and playing well despite its age.  So far the new surface is immeasurably better. It is fast, flat and very grippy.  As ever we are being extremely diligent about maintenance, and this seems to be paying off.  If it stays as good as this, then I think it's fair to say that we have the best arena in the UK."

    Or read other testimonials

    Martin Collins provides the surface for the Gaucho Polo at London's O2 Arena, the highest attended indoor international tournament in the history of the sport.

    Or read other testimonials
    All budgets catered for

    Whether you are a patron, tournament organiser, professional or keen amateur player looking to:

    Contact us now about your polo arena surface.
    We're here to help

    MCE staff are all approachable and experienced horse people who want you to achieve the best for you and your horses, whatever you do with them.  Whether you are looking to:

    • Construct a new arena for the first time and just want to talk through your ideas
    • Improve your current surface 
    • Are confused by all the different types available on the market today

    Why not call 01488-71100 or Contact us now about your eventing surface for some initial, informal advice.

    Following a telephone consultation, an initial site visit can be arranged if required. UK site visits will be free of charge*


    *subject to location and project scope

    Choose the service level to suit you
    Martin Collins offers four types of service:

    We use our own experienced team of arena builders who work across the UK, so you benefit from a joined-up approach from start to finish, across the construction, surface installation and fencing of your arena.

    Proper maintenance and ‘grooming’ are key to the longevity of your surface. So, following installation, we help to ensure your surface continues to provide optimal performance by offering:

    • FREE ongoing after care support and
    • A choice of flexible maintenance packages.  Contact us for more information.

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