Ben Maher

Ben Maher, 28, is one of the world’s top show jumping competitors. He represented Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2009 European Championships, Windsor, and won team bronze at the 2011 Europeans Championships in Madrid, Spain. In December 2012, he recorded his first World Cup qualifier win at London Olympia.

He began riding at the age of eight and, after finishing school, he trained with Liz Edgar before travelling to Switzerland to further his education with Beat Mandli.

He started making his mark on the international circuit his early twenties and began building up a string of world-class horses. By the age of 26, he had overtaken regular British team members to become ranked number one in the country and number five in the World, with consistent wins around the globe in some of the sport’s most prestigious competitions. He is also one of just two riders to have won both the Hickstead Derby and Speed Derby in the same year.

Ben is touted to be a contender for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and will continue to compete in the World’s top competitions during the build-up to the event.

With one of the strongest strings of horses he has ever had, Ben continues to produce the results that have made him a valuable part of Team GBR both as an individual and a team participant.


• Zurich CSI*****W 2012 1st, horse: Milena 8 (VERIT Immobilien AG Zeitspringen)
• Zurich CSI*****W 2012 leading rider
• Basel CSI***** 1st, Tripple X 2012 (Pris der LGT)
• London Olympia CSI*****W 2011 leading rider
• London Olympia CSI*****W 2011 1st, Tripple X (Rolex World Cup qualifier)
• London Olympia CSI*****W 2011 1st, Milena 8 (H&M speed stakes)
• London Olympia CSI*****W 2011 1st, Milena 8 (Christmas speed stakes)
• Paris Gucci Masters CSI***** 2011 1st, Tripple X (Prix la Figaro)
• Helsinki CSI*****W 2011 1st, Oscar (Two-phase competition)
• Oslo CSI*****W 2011 1st, Milena (Table A competition)
• Valkenswaard GCT CSI***** 2011 1st, Voske (Table A competition)
• Valkenswaard GCT CSI***** 2011 1st, BF Utopia (Derby)
• St Gallen CSIO*****NC 2011 1st, Oscar (Speed competition)
• Linz-Ebelsberg CSIO****NC 2011 1st, Tripple X (Grand Prix)
• Olympia CSI*****W 2010 1st, Noctambule Courcelle (Puissance)
• Valkenswaard GCT CSI***** 2010 1st, Oscar (Jump-off competition)
• ‘s-Hertogenbosch CSI*****W 2010 1st, Wonderboy (Rabobank Prijs)
• Abu Dhabi CSIO*****NC 2010 1st, Robin Hood W (Nations Cup)
• Zurich CSI*****W 2010 1st, Wonderboy (Rolex Grand Prix)
• Assen CSI*** 2009 1st, Wonderboy (Robobank Prijs)
• Zurich CSI*****W 2009 1st, Wonderboy (Liebherr Preis)
• London Olympia CSI*****W 2009 leading rider
• Olympia CSI*****W 2009 1st, Wonderboy (Christmas Masters)
• Geneva CSI*****W 2008 1st, Ornike (Prix Hotel Crowne Plaza)
• Geneva CSI*****W 2008 1st, Ornike (Prix Television Suisse Romande)
• Calgary CSIO*****NC 2008 1st, Akosie du Wonderland (BP Cup)
• Nantes CSI*** 2008 1st, Rolette (Speed competition)
• British Masters CSN 2008 1st, Robin Hood W (Grand Prix)
• Calgary CSIO***** 2008 1st, Robin Hood (S Grand Prix)
• British Open CSI**** 2007 1st, Eperlan du Fouquet (Puissance)
• Chantilly CSI**** 2007 1st, Gem of India (Jump-off class)
• Mechelen CSI*****W 2007 1st, Rolette (Grand Prix)
• Birmingham CSI*** 2007 1st, Gem of India (Ann Martin memorial cup)
• La Baule CSIO*****NC 2006 1st, Give Me Remus (Accumulator)
• Birmingham CSI*** 2006 1st, Eperlan du Fouquet (Puissance)
• Olympia CSI*****W 2006 1st, Onasis II (Accenture stakes)
• Sheffield CSI**** 2005 1st, Eperlan du Fouquet (Puissance)
• Chester CSI*** 2005 1st, Mercurius (Service stakes)
• Hickstead CSI**** 2005 1st, Alfredo (Derby)
• Hickstead CSI**** 2005 1st, Mercurius (Speed Derby)
• Zuidlaren CSI*** 2005 1st, Niko IV (Grand Prix)
• Olympia CSI*****W 2005 1st, Eperlan du Fouquet (Puissance)
• Olympia CSI*****W 2005 1st, Utah van Erpekom (Ride & drive)l
• Birmingham CSI*** 2004 1st, Eperlan du Fouquet (Puissance)

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